Macau Tower & Bungy Jump | Macau, China

Bungy jumping has always been on my bucket list and I always thought my virgin jump will be somewhere in Australia, at a manageable height of about 50m and over a beautiful creek or something like that. And I’ve always wanted to check this item off the list before I turn 25 years old (I need to find the diary I kept as a kid where I wrote my life resolutions! Haha…) because I didn’t want to wait till I’m all old and haggard with lots of health issues and deemed unfit for the jump!

So, guess what?
This year, about a month before my 25th birthday, I proudly announce… Bungy Jump – CHECKED!

[Experience Macau May 2013]
18th May 2013 – Day 3
Macau Tower & Bungy Jump

We started off the day bright and early so that we can maximise our time on this very beautiful Saturday in Macau! And to tell you the truth, I silently wished the weather will be bad so I can kill that jittery feeling after deciding to do the bungee jump at Macau Tower that morning! Haha but I’m glad no one heard my selfish wish and it was such a great Saturday! 😀

Macau Tower | Macau, China
Macau Tower 澳門旅遊塔

Macau Tower | Macau, China
Passing through the shopping and dining area at the Convention centre to the Tower…
We’re so early that aside from a cafe, the rest of the shops are yet to open for business for the day!

Macau Tower | Macau, China
First stop, Indoor Observation Deck on Level 58!

View from Macau Tower | Macau, China

View from Macau Tower | Macau, China
Macau Peninsula and I didn’t realise I was shaking so hard just thinking about the bungy jump later until I got back and figure that these are the only clear pictures I managed to get from the observatory deck! 🙁

View from Macau Tower | Macau, China
These decals on the glass window at the observatory deck isn’t helping at all!
Whutttttt? Falling people?!

Macau Tower | Macau, China09
Not forgetting these glass panels that allows you to see through to the ground below!
Definitely not for the weak hearted!

I swear I almost fainted just standing there… Haha! But that’s probably because I had the thought of my bungy jump overpowering my brains. I supposed it should be a relaxing and breathtaking experience to be at the observatory deck! By the way, if you get the tickets to go up to the observatory deck at Level 58 (More info here…), you get access to the outdoor deck at Level 61 where the adventure activities are!

Macau Tower | Macau, China
The team and I. Or rather, a groupie shot of our feet! Haha!

When we were done musing at the observatory deck on level 58, we got back on the elevator, advanced three floors up and without much further a do…

Bungy Jump @ Macau Tower | Macau, China
That’s us writing down our last wishes and death note… Sobs!

Bungy Jump @ Macau Tower | Macau, China
Haha I’m kidding about the last wishes and death note.
We were filling up a waiver form to have everything in check before we go off for our plunge! 🙂

Bungy Jump @ Macau Tower | Macau, China
Once my boarding pass was clipped onto the deck outside, there’s no turning back! :S

Bungy Jump @ Macau Tower | Macau, China
Getting strapped on with all the safety measures and briefed on what to do by the crew…

Bungy Jump @ Macau Tower | Macau, China
All done and good to go!

I guessed I could still manage a smile because I chitchatted with the crew while he prepared me for my jump so much I forgot I’m about to throw myself off a tower! Haha…

Bungy Jump @ Macau Tower | Macau, China
So long all my dearest family and friends… See you at the ground floor!

Bungy Jump @ Macau Tower | Macau, China
There, no more smiles! I was rather shaken standing there on that tiny platform.

Bungy Jump @ Macau Tower | Macau, ChinaBungy Jump @ Macau Tower | Macau, ChinaBungy Jump @ Macau Tower | Macau, ChinaBungy Jump @ Macau Tower | Macau, China
5… 4… 3… 2… 1 and PLUNGE!

Don’t be deceived by the photos and start thinking I’m so brave because the crew counted at least three or four times before I actually did my leap of faith! There’s got to be something that is scary to every dare devil isn’t it? For me, I fear HEIGHT!

Kinda embarrassing I hesitated for so long but here’s the video of me doing the bungy jump…

The moment I got bent forward and felt the crew letting go of me, I was screaming at the top of my lungs! And if you’re wondering, it translates to “WHY THE HELL DID I ACTUALLY BEND FORWARD FOR THE FALL?!”… Haha!

And I can only say that the ten seconds worth of free fall and screaming was simply mind-blowing!

Bungy Jump @ Macau Tower | Macau, China
And the funniest thing that can ever happen is that the left side of my shoe fell off during my bungy jump! Spot the flying shoe in the red circles in the photos above! When I felt it peeling away from my foot, I went from oh poop! to hey! luckily they provided shoes to change into or I’m going barefoot for the rest of the day! Hahahaha!

I’m sorry the guys from AJ Hackett had to do some extra work and go to the roof of the convention centre to collect the shoe at the end of the day! 😛

Bungy Jump @ Macau Tower | Macau, China
And I’m also genuinely sorry that if you live in Macau and you got awoken that morning by someone’s scream as if she’s being skinned alive. It’s just me doing my first ever bungy jump yeah? Hehe…

Bungy Jump @ Macau Tower | Macau, China
Now I’m certified to ask “Do you have what it takes?” 😀

The term “awesome” is going to be an understatement if you ask me about the overall experience.
I made the insane-most decision in my life (by far) to throw myself off a tower and free-fall from 233m above ground level. I was on the high for the rest of the day with the adrenaline rush from the jump. I had this unknown urge to go do a second jump immediately after the first! And I’d tell you I will do the jump again anytime anywhere any height since I have conquered the WORLD’S HIGHEST BUNGY JUMP! 😀

For more information on the adventure activities available at Macau Tower, visit AJ Hackett’s website here!

Well of course, all these won’t happen if MGTO didn’t send me to Macau on TigerAir and AJ Hackett & the professional crew for making the experience such a great one! And not forgetting, the team of bloggers! Most of us were first timers with bungy jumping but we nudged and encouraged each other and together with the team and the best team spirits ever… It all happened!

WOO! I did it!

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