Thao Maha Brahma (Erawan Shrine) | Bangkok, Thailand

It was an impromptu trip to Bangkok this August with the family over the Hari Raya and National Day long weekend. The main agenda was to drop a visit to the brother-in-law assigned to work there, so there wasn’t much planned on the itinerary over our 4D3N visit.

We spent a big bulk of our time shopping away (Bangkok is a shopping heaven!) and I thought shopping in Bangkok seriously needs no introduction anymore. So here’s presenting to you in my Bangkok August 2013 travelogue series, the bits and pieces of every thing else we did aside from shopping! 😀

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8 August 2013
Thao Maha Brahma (Erawan Shrine) | Bangkok, Thailand

1thao-maha-brahma-erawan-shrine--bangkok-thailand_26445416496_oDuring the construction of the government-owned Erawan Hotel, there were a series of mishaps from injuries of laborers to the loss of a shipload of Italian marble intended for the building.

An astrologer advised building a shrine to counter the negative events, believed to be caused by laying the foundations on the wrong date. So in 1956, Thao Maha Brahma, or more commonly known as Erawan Shrine, was built and an image of the Hindu god Brahma was enshrined. Ever since then, the construction of the hotel proceeded without further incidents.

The hotel was demolished in 1987 and replaced by Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel.

2thao-maha-brahma-erawan-shrine--bangkok-thailand_26379032682_o3thao-maha-brahma-erawan-shrine--bangkok-thailand_26471355445_oIn 2006, the shrine was vandalized by a 27-year-old Thai man believed to be mentally ill. He smashed the deity image to pieces with a hammer, breaking the deity’s four-faced head, torso and arms while the lap and base of the image were left intact. The man was beaten to death by two angry street sweepers after witnessing the incident.

The shrine was closed and the image of the deity was restored two months after the incident and opened to the public once again.

4thao-maha-brahma-erawan-shrine--bangkok-thailand_25868517653_oCandid shot of Daddy while he is helping all of us with the offerings… 😀

5thao-maha-brahma-erawan-shrine--bangkok-thailand_26379035922_oBird’s eye view!

6thao-maha-brahma-erawan-shrine--bangkok-thailand_26379035712_oBehold, the dad and mom! Hehe…

7bangkok-thailand_25868521533_oAnyway, Thao Maha Brahma is strategically located near some of the popular malls in Bangkok. For that matter, it is diagonally across the junction from Central World or approximately 10 to 15 minutes walk from Siam Center or The Platinum Fashion Mall. And since it is so accessible, it is one of the stops we will surely make when we are in Bangkok to make some incense offerings in exchange for blessings! 🙂

8oishi-grand-buffet--siam-discovery--bangkok-thailand_26198493420_oDinner at Oishi Grand Buffet @ Siam Discovery!

We had Japanese buffet at Oishi Grand for dinner the same evening after dropping a visit to Erawan Shrine. There was a good variety of food available on the buffet spread with Japanese delicacies like sashimi, sushi or grills. The food items were fresh and delectable and the spread was constantly replenished so there’s no lack of something for everyone!

Anyway, the entire dinner experience (aside from the long wait to get our table) was really enjoyable and that’s why it’s worth the extra mention!

p.s. This is not at Erawan Shrine but a few train stops away at Siam Discovery!

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