Boat Noodle @ Chatuchak Weekend Market | Bangkok, Thailand

On the morning of 9th August, when fellow Singaporeans were waking to a day of celebrations back home, we woke up bright and early in the heart of Bangkok to the all-time popular boat noodles in Thailand! πŸ˜€

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9 August 2013
Boat Noodle @ Chatuchak Weekend Market | Bangkok, Thailand

Boat noodles (or kway teow ruea) got its name from the fact that it used to be sold by noodle vendors in small boats along the rivers and canals in Thailand.

Following the development of the country, countless of rivers and canals were filled to make way for roads and buildings but boat noodles survived the turmoil! Today, you can still find eateries serving authentic boat noodles but of course, on dry lands. For instance, this one located in the heart of Chatuchak Weekend Market!

Boat Noodle @ Chatuchak Weekend Market | Bangkok, ThailandThe open-concept kitchen of the stall has two humongous boilers up front boiling some dubious looking brown both and all their raw ingredients in big tubs sitting around. It looks messy and unhygienic and it probably will steer you away.

And if you allow yourself to give this place a miss then you’re seriously going to miss out too much!

Boat Noodle @ Chatuchak Weekend Market | Bangkok, ThailandThe sleepy faces at breakfast!

Boat Noodle @ Chatuchak Weekend Market | Bangkok, ThailandBoat noodles/ Kway Tway Ruea

There are many variants of boat noodles around and this one we had at Chatuchak is a bowl of rice noodles served with sliced pork, sliced pork liver, homemade fishcake and vegetables in that dubious looking brown broth I mentioned earlier.

That dubious looking brown broth (I’m starting to get addicted to this term… Haha!) is made up of a mixture of broth, spices and pigs blood and it was sinfully rich, spicy and sour all at the same time. It was so scrumptious that I probably wolfed down the entire bowl in minutes. But then again, the portion is relatively small so if you’re hungry or simply just a big eater, you might want to get a bowl or two more during ordering to skip the waiting time!

Oh, did I forget to mention? I’m not sure how the operating hours for this stall is like but although Chatuchak is a weekend market, the stall is open and serving customers on a Friday morning say… 9:00am or something when we popped over? Maybe it was too early for boat noodles but it wasn’t as crowded as how what everyone said it will be. Definitely no complains about it since we didn’t have to wait much for the food! πŸ˜€

Anyway, they all say that the best boat noodles in Bangkok can be found at Boat Noodles Alley lining the canals of Victory Monument. I shall check it during my next visit to Bangkok! Or maybe… let’s cook some boat noodles at home soon! Hmmm…

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