Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, Thailand

Traveling, to me, is to see and experience something different from what I can not find from where I was born and raised. So, every time I watch a travel program on TV talking about Maeklong Railway Market, I would make a mental note (again and again) and tell myself that I must visit the place when I go to Bangkok!

So… here goes!

[Bangkok August 2013]
9 August 2013
Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, Thailand

Maeklong Railway Market is a 90-minute drive from the heart of Bangkok and there are private transport companies providing shuttle services every hour between Victory Monument and the railway market at an affordable price of 70 baht (Read post here…).

Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, ThailandChunpanit Noodle Shop

When we arrived at Maeklong, we were left off at the main road and had to make our way in towards the railway market on foot. We passed by one too many noodles stall and we were so tempted that we had to stop for a super early lunch! Haha!

Surprisingly this stall we decided to stop at had an illustrative and clear menu in English. You probably just need to point at the menu to tell the older stall tenders, who can’t communicate in English fluently, what you want. Ordering was swift and accurate! Smart much?

Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, ThailandPork Wonton Soup with Fish Noodle (front) & Pork Wonton soup with Egg Noodle (back)
35baht & 30 baht

While the folks and sister went for the egg noodle option, I decided to be adventurous and opted for the fish noodle. And it turns out, the texture and flavor of the fish noodle is pretty similar to thinly sliced fish cakes.

Interesting but somehow it just doesn’t satisfy the palate and stomach like how the usual egg noodle will!

Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, ThailandAfter brunch… walking towards the railway station!

Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, Thailand
Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, Thailand
Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, ThailandFinally arriving at Maeklong Station!

The first train service from Maeklong Station is at approximately 9:00am and all the way till 6:00pm at about two to three hours intervals daily. But train schedule is subject to changes, so you might want to check the schedule first and make appropriate plans before traveling all the way there.

We were lucky that we arrived at about 11:00am and the next train will depart from Maeklong Station and pass through the market in 20 minutes! So lucky we were there in time and didn’t miss it or we will have to wait till the next train schedule at about 2:00pm! 😀

Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, ThailandOff to check out the market while waiting for that magical moment!

Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, ThailandThe folks at the railway market!

Even though the market is a popular tourist destination now, it is no different from any other local markets. There are stall tenders selling fresh produce or local food and locals are weaving through the market, picking up whatever they need for the day…

Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, ThailandWill you like some tropical fruits?

Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, ThailandColourful and cute Khanom Luk Chub!

Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, ThailandHow about some minced pork?

Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, ThailandThese tourists are checking out some fresh catch from the sea that a fishmonger showed them!

Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, ThailandPreserved mackerels… 3 for 10 baht!

Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, ThailandThe sister going through the market. Spot the railway tracks among the market stalls!

We were so immersed with “shopping” in the market that we forgot to keep track of the time. Suddenly, there was a loud siren piercing through the air and the next moment…

Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, Thailand
Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, Thailand

In a flash, the stall tenders cleared their baskets, tables, display stands for their supplies and the poles supporting their awnings. Locals scurried out of the way while tourists, they stood around excited to witness the magical moment and see the star approaching.

Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, Thailand
Maeklong Railway Market | Bangkok, ThailandTrain is coming!~

When the train passed by us, we were standing at this point where there was very little clearing between the train and the shutters of a closed shop behind us. Thankfully the train was going real slowly but still, it is definitely no joke if you try and stick your head out!

And with that, that’s our Maeklong Railway Market experience!

Unfortunately, we were caught in a traffic jam on both trips to and fro the railway market and we ended up taking about two to three hours each way! It does feel a little silly wasting time getting stuck in a traffic jam when we were supposed to be on a holiday but I have got to say that it is all worthwhile because I have checked one item off my bucket list! 🙂

p.s. This is my very last post for the Bangkok August 2013 series! Really short isn’t it? Hope you’ve enjoyed it though! Hehe…

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