Iloilo Esplanade & Cholabite | Iloilo, Philippines

Like I said, Iloilo is all about history, food and culture, especially their local food and cuisine style. And it is definitely not helping when food-glorious-food is so easily available everywhere in Iloilo that on my second day there, I figured I need a break from all that jaw-exercise already.

I should have packed my running shoes but I didn’t! So instead of a run, we did an evening walk. I know it’s not like it’s going to help much but seriously, it was better than nothing considering the amount of food I had been stuffing myself with!

[Philippines December 2013]
24 December 2013
Iloilo Esplanade & Cholabite

It was the eve of Christmas Day, we had a scrumptious feast prepared by the friend and her family at home before taking an evening walk at Iloilo Esplanade. Yep, that much needed walk to help burn some calories.

Iloilo Esplanade | Iloilo, Philippines
Iloilo Esplanade

The esplanade stretches 1.2km along the Iloilo river is opened to public in June 2012. Since then, it offers a venue for leisure outdoor activities and also brings the people of Iloilo closer to the water edge hoping to increase awareness and reconnect the people back to nature and the environment.

Iloilo Esplanade | Iloilo, Philippines

Iloilo Esplanade | Iloilo, Philippines
After two days of feasting, it feels good to be out there amongst the locals having their evening jog or even those who were there just for a walk like us! And actually, the Iloilo Esplanade does reminds me of our very own Punggol Waterway here in Singapore!

Iloilo Esplanade | Iloilo, Philippines

Iloilo Esplanade | Iloilo, Philippines
Anyway, you can actually get quite a decent view of sunset over Iloilo River there at the esplanade! And that’s the other part of the reason why we were taking the evening walk although it such a pity that it was quite cloudy that evening…

Iloilo Esplanade | Iloilo, Philippines
Look, over there!

Iloilo Esplanade | Iloilo, Philippines
Selfie time! Just because everyone there is doing it, we just have to do it too! Hehe!

Cholabite | Iloilo, Philippines
Near the end of the 1.2km length of the esplanade, you can find Cholabite situated beside the go-kart ride. Don’t ask me what happened to the thought of burning some calories but we got ourselves a large drink each and cheese sticks to share. I say skip the cheese sticks and try their milk tea! I kinda love the fragrance from the tea and milk but remember to ask for a less sweet version if you’re on a low sugar diet!

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