Sunflower Garden & Butterfly Garden | Changi Airport, Singapore

I was very privileged to have my virgin visit to Macau in year 2013 guided by Macau Government Tourism Office themselves and (almost) a year later, I returned Macau once again but together with the family this time! While it was a nice weekend break with the family, the trip did not start off very well.

Due to bad weather conditions over at Macau, we were held back and unable to depart from Singapore. We could have left the transit area and airport but there was not any firm confirmation on the newly adjusted flight details so we decided to hang around and wait. And holyshit, that wait lasted a good SEVEN HOURS!

Thankfully that the transit area in Changi Airport is like an entertainment hub on its own. You can shop, ease your hunger, catch a movie, play LAN games or just relax among the beautifully landscaped areas and the best part? The transit area for all three terminals are interlinked with just a short sky train ride! Well, I never wished you had the same experience as us but if ever you had as much time as us and you have gotten bored at one, you can always go on and explore the other two!

Anyway, in case you have never realized or chanced upon these before…

Sunflower Garden, Terminal 2 Transit Area | Changi Airport, Singapore
sunflower-garden--changi-airport-t2-singapore_13620403075_osunflower-garden--changi-airport-t2-singapore_13620397095_o sunflower-garden--changi-airport-t2-singapore_13620427023_oI am not quite an early morning person, let alone someone who will actually wake up for sunrise. So even if I sound insane, I have to say this! It was quite an experience to catch the sun rising right beside the runway! Haha…

butterfly-garden--changi-airport-t3-singapore_13620411673_obutterfly-garden--changi-airport-t3-singapore_13620747184_obutterfly-garden--changi-airport-t3-singapore_13620381175_oIt’s breakfast time!

When we arrived at the Butterfly Garden, it happened to be breakfast time for the butterflies and they were all busy feasting and enjoying the freshly replaced flowers and pineapples! And I thought you have to pay to go to the zoo or something to see things like that!

butterfly-garden--changi-airport-t3-singapore_13620375525_oTeam Macau 2014 aka the family! Hehe 🙂

Honestly, if not for the well equipped and facilitated airport we have here in Singapore, I really wonder how we will be able to last that seven hours! Well done, Changi Airport! And of course, we managed to depart and arrive safely in Macau eventually and therefore I will be able to bring to you yet another travelogue series! Stay tuned! 🙂

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