Bao Fu Curry 寶富全澳咖喱一哥 | Macau, China

The sister and brother-in-law chanced upon Bao Fu Curry 寶富全澳咖喱一哥 during their own trip to Macau late last year and recommended it. Of course, the curious taste palates brought us there the very first morning and we were hooked!

寶富全澳咖喱一哥 | Macau, China
The humble eatery is located along Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro 亞美打利庇盧大馬路, the main street that leads you to Senado Square from Sofitel at Ponte 16. And they open as early as 8:00am in the morning for breakfast service and stretches their operational hours till 4:00am for the supper fanatics.

And speaking about Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, here’s the street in the wee hours in the morning, all quaint and quiet and ready to take on another day’s worth of hectic traffic.

寶富全澳咖喱一哥 | Macau, China
Dumplings and Braised chicken wings noodles with curry soup

寶富全澳咖喱一哥 | Macau, China
Braised pig trotters and intestines noodles with curry soup

The dish, served like typical Chinese noodles with complements like braised pig trotters, intestines, chicken wings and dumplings with a dollop of curry sauce, seems to me like a fusion of Hongkong dumplings noodles and Portuguese Devil’s Curry.

Well, I cannot really remember exactly how the Portuguese Devil’s Curry is like but if you have had 恒友, the popular street food – curry fish balls & noodles, located near Senado Square on Travessa da Sao Domingos, you can relate the taste and flavors.

Anyway, aside from those mentioned above in the photos, there are other complements like fish balls, braised beef briskets and so on (p.s. I love the dumplings here better than those at Wong Chi Kei!). And the loveliest thing is that the eatery was very accommodative to our request to pick our own combination of preferred complements with the noodles even if it is not stated on the menu.

寶富全澳咖喱一哥 | Macau, China
Dumplings and Braised pig intestines noodles with soup

I am addicted to the curry soup base, but you can always opt for just the clear soup if you have a slightly weaker stomach or generally don’t fancy curry for breakfast! And it works exactly the same, you can pick your favorite combination of complements.

And surprisingly, the eatery is not all about their noodles! Their Pork chop burger and Oyster omelette were really noteworthy too!

寶富全澳咖喱一哥 | Macau, China
Pork chop burger 猪扒包

The pork chops, that were tender and succulent, is served sandwiched in french bread that was slightly burnt and crusty on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the insides with a tinge of fragrance when they toast the bread with butter before serving.

And although the pork chops in the burgers served here are seemingly thinner as compared to the famous pork chop burgers from Tai Lei Loi Kei located in Taipa, I will still say I prefer the pork chop burger here. And this might jolly well be a bias statement because of my personal preference for softer and fluffier bread. Hehe… 😀

寶富全澳咖喱一哥 | Macau, China
Oyster omelette 蚝仔煎

The oyster omelette is awfully power packed. Oops I mean, oyster-packed! You basically find an oyster in every inch of the omelette accompanied with minced pork and onions. If you love juicy fresh oysters, don’t you just enjoy it when the chefs are generous like that?

寶富全澳咖喱一哥 | Macau, China
Contented faces after the breakfast!

Anyway, the food and service we received was really enjoyable but I apologize if I had overdone it a little and made it sound like the food a to-die-for! I just enjoy it when everyone and everything is unpretentious and I feel comfortable dining in. Hehe…

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