Lung Wah Teahouse 龍華茶樓 | Macau, China

I am a huge fan of dimsum and I have always dreamed of savoring dimsum in old teahouses like those we see in movies or travel documentaries featuring Hong Kong. So I set out in search of a teahouse in Macau we can check out while planning our itinerary.

I was pretty confident to find one at the start, thinking that since Macau and Hong Kong are neighboring countries and Macau has a seemingly large influence from Hong Kong too. And I was a little disappointed when I realize that the search results were mostly pointing me to nice Chinese restaurants serving dimsum instead of the teahouses I am looking for until I chance upon a quick guide for Macau on BBC Travel mentioning about Lung Wah Teahouse. On their article, their description of Lung Wah Teahouse goes…

“…a place of old Cantonese tradition, no English menu and you just grab what you like from the looks of the dimsum from the dimsum cart.”

And I thought… What are we waiting for?

Lung Wah Teahouse 龍華茶樓
Lung Wah Teahouse 龍華茶樓
Grannies enjoying a morning cuppa! 🙂

I don’t know why but I had to “spy” on these grannies. Don’t you think that somehow, they sort of completed the picture of the old teahouse and all?

Anyway, while I am writing this article, I remembered a similar shot I had from my trip to Macau in 2013 that was featured in the year 2014 calendar by MGTO

Grandfathers gathering at the garden for a round of card game…
Coincidental much? 🙂

Lung Wah Teahouse 龍華茶樓
Old shophouse, dimsum, tea and booth seats by the windows, it was an old teahouse indeed!

And to be honest, I was half-expecting the place to be packed and rowdy actually. But instead, the place was well-kept, the seats are nicely spaced apart with enough room to move around and there were a good mix of friendly locals and tourists dining in.

Lung Wah Teahouse 龍華茶樓
After a 15 minute morning walk from our hotel to Lung Wah Teahouse, we were famished already!

Lung Wah Teahouse 龍華茶樓
The dimsum range available on the day of our visit…

Yes, that is almost all to the dimsum available during our visit. There is absolutely nothing fanciful but a small variety of dimsum choices and a good range of main dishes and tea choices available on their menu. If you ask me, we love the steamed carrot cake that you can pick off the dimsum cart. It was pan-fried with a slight crisp on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside! Yummy!

And while the food served were pretty authentic and homely, we thought that they were quite heavily seasoned. Not that it’s a major problem but just our personal taste preference!

Anyway, Lung Wah Teahouse isn’t the only teahouse in Macau. While we were on foot most of the time, we chanced upon even more teahouses all around that serves dimsum too. And I realized that probably they don’t need any websites or Facebook pages, let alone any social media gimmick, to keep going. But it would have been really nice if the local bloggers in Macau could give them a feature so that traditional and authentic dimsum and teahouses like them will not be forgotten eventually. Just my two cents worth! 🙂

Lung Wah Teahouse 龍華茶樓
3 Rua Norte do Mercado Almirante Lacerda (Beside Red Brick Market 红街市)
筷子基 提督市北街3號

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