Good morning, Macau! | Macau, China

Even if I get out of bed by 8:00am everyday now, I still find it hard to try and wake up any time before that. But even though I am trying to say that I am not an early morning person, I tend to wake every morning, irregardless of the time, every time I am somewhere else aside from home.

And just because I am up early every morning while we were in Macau, I managed to capture a couple of shots from within my room with Sofitel. I know I could have captured so much more outside of the room but the room is just too comfortable to me to make me want to step out… Hehe!

Good morning Macau | Macau, Chinag-macau--macau-china_13948040806_o
Dawn, just before an orange yolk appears in the sky…

Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro 亞美打利庇盧大馬路 | Macau, China
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro 亞美打利庇盧大馬路

Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro 亞美打利庇盧大馬路 | Macau, China
The T-junction in front of Sofitel…

Avenida de Almeida Riberio is one of the main arteries that stretches across the island of Macau and connecting iconic landmarks from Sofitel to Senado Square, The Macau Square, Grand Lisboa and so on. It was rather fascinating to see the street so quaint and quiet and all ready to take on another day of commuters passing through this road and eventually watch the crowd and traffic build up on the street.

Good morning Macau | Macau, China
The rising sun above Guia Lighthouse.

Good morning Macau | Macau, China
Of dawn, tea and my iPad!

Yep, this is where I would tuck myself every morning, on the comfy armchair by the window in my room watching the day dawning complete with a cup of tea and my iPad. And with every sip of tea, I would say “Oh… this is life~” in my mind. Hahahaha just kidding!

Good morning Macau | Macau, China
Perhaps you can say that I am just excited about my day out in a foreign land. But I always enjoy how that excitement always gives me so much more in return.

Anyway, most of the places of interests, landmarks and roads and routes remained the same. So, instead of repeating them all over again, I will be compiling a list of what you can/should do in Macau! Stay tuned! 🙂

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