Edae Shopping District | Seoul, Korea

On our sixth day of our Korea trip, we had to send off one of the girls, Lyn, since she couldn’t get an approved extended break from work like Xin and I! A little sad that she couldn’t continue the journey together with us but the escapade to Korea has to go on!

[Korea September/October 2014]
1st Oct 2014 – Day 6
Edae Shopping District

We had allowed ourselves to sleep in slightly before heading out for brunch together before Lyn heads off to catch her flight back to Singapore! And I actually decided to give myself a break from lugging the big ass camera around after five days, so please pardon the poor quality shots in this post!

Xing Chairo 씽차이로
Xing Chairo
Andrew, the owner of the apartment in Seoul we took up, shared with us that one of his personal favorite jjajangmyeon can be found at Xing Chairo that is located just across the main street from our apartment! So of course we have got to check it out together!

1 Oct 2014: Breakfast at Xing Chairo 씽차이로 | Seoul, South Korea
Jjambbong 짬뽕

1 Oct 2014: Breakfast at Xing Chairo | Seoul, South Korea
Jjajangmyeon 짜장면

The seafood flavors in the broth of the jjambbong was so robust and the sauce for the jjajangmyeon was really thick and flavorful too. And not forgetting that the portions were relatively huge and it seems like it is definitely worth the price we were paying, otherwise I would have remembered a complain!

Anyway, I have to add that although we were quite early and arrived at an empty restaurant, we were very quickly joined by other locals coming in for lunch! And by that, I guess that means that Xing Chairo is quite a popular eating place to the locals!

1 Oct 2014: Bye bye Lyn :( | Seoul, South Korea

1 Oct 2014: Bye bye Lyn :( | Seoul, South Korea
The last complete morning selfie before we part ways with Lyn! 🙁

Edae Shopping District 이대
After we parted ways with Lyn, we took a short train ride to EWHA Womans University Station where both Xin and I planned to have a relaxed and lazy afternoon exploring Edae Shopping District and attempt to give ourselves a hair-pampering session at one of the many hair salons you can find there. Quite a hiatus from all that walking and sightseeing I must say!

1 Oct 2014: Edae Shopping District | Seoul, South Korea
Edae Shopping District at dusk…

The area around Edae and Sinchon is home to a number of private universities and inevitably, you can find a collection of trendy stores, bars and restaurants and eateries at Edae Shopping District, the commercial street between Sinchon Station and EWHA Woman’s University Station.

I have to admit that the energy in this area is absolutely different from the rest of the shopping areas in Seoul, say much younger and zestful. And even if it was said that the stores there offers a wide range of styles and prices, I won’t generally say that it is a shopper’s paradise! 99% of the stores there offers fashion apparels, accessories and so on for the ladies so I think everyone should further emphasize that Edae Shopping District is a shopping paradise the young ladies!

Cecica Hair
Cecica Hair 쎄시카헤어

Thank goodness the girlfriend did her research and we managed to locate a decent looking hair salon before we gave up for I don’t think we will be able to find another place as nicely done up with a very cosy environment complete with very professional looking hair stylists and most importantly, we could give simple instructions of what we will like to do with our hair as there was someone who can communicate with us comfortably in English!

1 Oct 2014: Cecica Hair | Seoul, South Korea
The prices at Cecica Hair were actually quite reasonable despite how atas the place feels! So without much further considerations, Xin did her volumnizing rebonding and curls and I went for a long-over due hair cut that costed me ₩25,000 with wash and blow included too!

1 Oct 2014: Cecica Hair | Seoul, South Korea
A super blurry wefie after the hair-pampering session…
together with the very professional hair stylist, Miho, who did both our hair!

She was actually very cute and friendly with us, very confident with every brush and snip she did with our hopelessly dead mane but strict with the juniors under her wings and making sure every customer that went into Cecica Hair will leave happy! I have nothing but respect for someone like her and I will definitely be back if I ever visit Seoul again!

By the way, you can find a good variety of make shift stalls offering street food along the street from Exit 2 of EWHA Womans University Station all the way to the plaza in front of Yes APM 예스APM (which I think is currently no longer in business). And of course, the first stall I am going to highlight here in my post is this one that sells egg muffins 계란빵!

1 Oct 2014: Egg Muffin 계란빵 at Edae Shopping District | Seoul, South Korea

1 Oct 2014: Egg Muffin 계란빵 at Edae Shopping District | Seoul, South Korea1 Oct 2014: Egg Muffin 계란빵 at Edae Shopping District | Seoul, South Korea
Egg muffins 계란빵!

I guess I sound like I am exceptionally bias towards egg muffins but what I found noteworthy about these egg muffins at Edae Shopping District is not only that it comes with a super thick muffin base topped with an egg, it comes covered with a layer of melted CHEESE on top and all that for ₩1,000 per piece! That’s the most affordable one I found during this trip!

1 Oct 2014: Herb Cup Chicken 허브컵치킨 at Edae Shopping District | Seoul, South Korea

A photo posted by @lobsterpaints on

Anyway, Edae Shopping District also offers one of my favorite Korean fried chicken 닭강정! It is especially crispy and comes perfectly seasoned, sweet and spicy but not overwhelming! We tried a couple of different variants of this fried chicken all around Seoul and decided that this one served here is our favorite!

You can find this stall, almost immediately after you exit from the station via Exit 2 and just outside of an ARTBOX outlet!

EWHA Womans University 이화여자대학교
1 Oct 2014: EWHA Womans University | Seoul, South Korea
Founded in 1886, EWHA Womans University is the first ever educational institute for women in Korea. It went through a hefty history from the finding of the institute to being bestowed by Emperor Gojung, then getting downgraded during the Japanese Colonial ruling in 1943 and finally regaining the name and establishment in 1945 and developing into an university with 15 graduate schools, 11 colleges with 67 departments and several research institutes today!

Well, before any one gets any further misunderstandings, EWHA Womans University is actually really a school campus for students and not exactly any tourist attraction until they recently had a beautiful Campus Complex built in year 2008.

1 Oct 2014: EWHA Womans University | Seoul, South Korea

1 Oct 2014: EWHA Womans University | Seoul, South Korea1 Oct 2014: EWHA Womans University | Seoul, South Korea
And so here’s presenting to you… the famous EWHA Campus Complex!

Walking through the Campus Complex, it seems like you are walking through a valley with two buildings on either sides that is home to a library, bookstore, gym for the students, lecture rooms and other facilities that every school should need. And the entire architecture of the complex and how successful the space is will definitely leave you in awe and wonder if this is really a school campus or not. You really see students enjoying the space and lingering at the amphitheater-liked area at the very end of the complex.

Anyway, there is a sign at the entrance to the university campus to try and keep curious tourists off, the architectural filled mind of mine can’t help but to insist that we try and blend into the students crowd and walked in nonetheless so that I can check out the Campus Complex at least! I’m sorry, I am a super bad example!

1 Oct 2014: EWHA Womans University | Seoul, South Korea
Wishing we are still young and reckless brats~

Map of Edae Shopping District as well as Sinchon Ladies Street!
Click for an enlarged view!

Well, we could have spent the whole day at Edae Shopping District if curiosity didn’t make us take a long haul train ride across Seoul to check out and attempt to do some late night shopping at Dongdaemun. Well, kinda regretted leaving Edae Shopping District behind as there is nothing great about Dongdaemun in my opinion so I am so not going to elaborate about it at all in this post! Shall talk about it and explain it in one of the next few posts to come!

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the next upcoming post on this travelogue series! 🙂

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