Gangnam & Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil | Seoul, Korea

And since Dongdaemun was a disappointment when we checked the area out the night before, we decided to lie low a little and hang around in the comforts of our apartment until the stomachs issued a warrant for food or it go all bonkers before we finally head out for the day!

So here’s our a quick update on our seventh day in Korea!

[Korea September/October 2014]
2nd Oct 2014 – Day 7
Gangnam & Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil

In the bustling city of Seoul and Chungjeongno district, there is actually an old village that still remains between both Chungjeongno stations up to date. And one evening walkabout around that area and we actually discover a number of small eateries and cafes within the area!

But that morning, we didn’t bother too look to far and simply went straight for the eatery right behind our apartment at 리시온 (Rision). It actually didn’t look very appealing from the outside but, I have to highlight that this is a real hidden gem!

2 Oct 2014: Brunch at Chungjeongno | Seoul, South Korea
Day 7 brunch spread!

The eatery serves up a good variation of authentic Korean dishes like stews and soups, cold noodles and bibimbap at ₩6,000 for each portion that tasted so homely. And if you are to consider the large portions like how your mom will love to over-feed you all the time, it really makes you feel like you are having a meal at home!

Anyway, the menu was solely in Korean and the owner of the eatery attempted to help us understand and recommended their specialty which is the Spicy Braised Chicken 닭볶음탕 (bottom left corner of photo).

And thank goodness to the adventurous tastes buds, we both discovered a new favorite Korean fish! This spicy braised chicken dish basically tastes like a garlicky hot pepper paste chicken stew! It was really quite lip smacking!

2 Oct 2014: Brunch at Chungjeongno | Seoul, South Korea2 Oct 2014: Brunch at Chungjeongno | Seoul, South Korea
Check out the puffy eyes and faces from too much sleep! Hehe!

So after breakfast, we went on to spend the rest of the day living like beavers, burrowing the undergrounds of Gangnam district after our hearty brunch! And I will to give you a heads up first that this is not going to about COEX Mall or anything too mainstream about Gangnam in case you are expecting to see a writeup on those place!

2 Oct 2014: Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Centre | Seoul, South Korea
Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Centre (Gangnam Station)

2 Oct 2014: Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade @ Express Bus Terminal Station | Seoul, South Korea
Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade (Express Bus Terminal Station)

Do not be confused with both the underground shopping areas that are located at the Metro stations, one is at Gangnam Station while the other is at Express Bus Terminal Station. But although they are at different locations, I find a strong similarity between the two.

Both places actually offers you an extensive range of beauty brands as well as fashion apparel shops that are more pleasant to shop in. And in my opinion, the discounts and promotions available at both the underground shopping areas were way better than some over-raved shopping areas in Seoul.

On a side note, you will be able to find very interesting and beautiful home deco at Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade (Express Bus Terminal Station). From retro and vintage to classic to wood and country style, you name it all!

And yep, we spent the entire afternoon at both underground shopping areas until it was time to have dinner before we headed over to Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil to meet up with one of Xin’s Korean friend!

2 Oct 2014: Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil | Seoul, South Korea
Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil

There are lots of Garosu-gil (tree-lined streets) in Seoul but this one in Sinsa-dong is the most popular among both the locals and tourists alike! Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil is a beautiful promenade lined with gingko trees, strategically located in the middle of the city and of course, there is no better reason for it to be the most popular since the street offers an array of studios, cafes, restaurants, bar, fashion shops and so on! Pretty amazing!

2 Oct 2014: Korean BBQ @ Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil | Seoul, South Korea
Dinner at 33 House

33 House 삼삼이네 생고깃집
Address: 대한민국 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 515-6

We ended off our day with Xin’s Korean friend for dinner! There are just too many food choice available at Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil but I think both Xin and I had “We love BBQ!” kinda face, so the friend actually brought us to a Korean BBQ house, one that is covered with customers’ scribblings on their walls.

It was really crowded with locals and food was pretty decent. And although the place is located in one of the prime district in Seoul, it is actually quite affordable at about ₩24,000 (approx. SGD$30.00) for a good portion of pork belly and vegetables for the three of us! Awesome!

And that sums up our seventh day in Korea! It was a good break from a hectic itinerary, a confidence boost with the shopping in Seoul and a great day spent that made us look forward to the next day when we will starting off our day at Ihwa Mural Village! Stay tuned!

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