Flashback and Goodbye Korea (for now)! | Seoul, Korea

As usual, I have taken as long as I can to complete my Korea September/ October 2014 travelogue series! Oopsie! But however long I take, all good things will come to an end eventually and I am here on my very last post! So here goes!…

[Korea September/October 2014]
7th & 8th Oct 2014 – Day 12 & 13
Flashback and Goodbye Korea (for now)!

After 11 full days, countless of shopping frenzy and feasts, Korea had left us with horribly burnt pockets and bursting luggages even before we were ready to board the flight home!

And aside from an overstretched budget for this trip, I guess we had spent more than enough time soaking up every single bit of Busan and Seoul as much as we can. So for our final leg in this extended escapade in Korea, we decided to go around Seoul and eat all our favorites all over again! In other words, revisiting the places we fell in love with and bidding good bye to them… 🙁

Spicy Braised Chicken 닭볶음탕 | Seoul, South Korea
Remember that eatery located just behind our apartment which I mentioned on Day 7’s post and said something about the place that didn’t look very appealing from the outside?

Well, we showed up the very first thing in the morning with our emptiest stomachs to indulge in another round of their specialty Spicy Braised Chicken 닭볶음탕 for one last time! Noticing that we were returning customers, the owners welcomed us with a wide smile! And we manage to speak briefly and when they found out that we were scheduled to leave Seoul the following morning, they wished us all the best and told us to go back to visit them if we are going to be in Seoul again! Such lovely people!

Hanok Village Postcard 한옥마을 | Seoul, South Korea
Postcard with a hand sketch of Hanok Village…

Right after our hearty breakfast, we took a detour to the nearest post office just to get this postcard mailed out to a friend! I still think that anything handwritten and snail-mailed is still the best thing ever to receive so picking a nice postcard, filling it up and then getting it mailed has somewhat grown to be one of the norm every time I am overseas!

And when we were done, we decided that we wanted to go back to Edae since I was the only one who had the chance to go around the entire district a few days back while Xin had her hair fixed at the salon. That aside, I wanted to indulge in our favorite street food that can be found along Ewhayeodae-gil ! Haha!

Egg Muffins 계란빵 @ Edae | Seoul, South Korea

Egg Muffins 계란빵 @ Edae | Seoul, South Korea
Egg Muffin 계란빵 ❤

It all goes all the way back to some 10 years ago when I was on a holiday in Korea with my family when I had my first encounter with Korean street food. It was a cold winter day in Namdaemun, we were basically trying to eat everything served piping hot just to warm up a little and then we chanced upon a tiny and humble looking street stall selling these egg muffins. At that time, I took one bite into the cute muffin and I was in love! What else can beat a piping hot combination of muffins and eggs!

Or maybe, I just love eggs that’s why nobody can understand why I love this so much. Hehe!

Anyway, I ate countless of egg muffins while I was out in Korea this time and the favorite one can be found at Edae! Aside from large sized egg and the thicker and fluffier muffin, the egg muffins served here comes with cheese so there is a crusty layer over the egg muffin! And what’s really notable above that all is that each egg muffin costs you an affordable price of ₩1,000 only!

Herb Cup Chicken 허브컵치킨 @ Edae | Seoul, South Korea
Herb Cup Chicken 허브컵치킨

We definitely have a thing for Korean fried chicken, or perhaps those addictive popcorn chicken stirred in a sweet spicy sauce and often served with tteokbokki or even fries or hash brown called 닭강정 (Sweet crispy chicken) to be exact. And coincidentally, our favorite most out of the entire trip can be found at Edae as well! One large cup to share among the two of us for one last time please!

Goguma Latte 고구마라떼 | Seoul, South Korea
Goguma latte 고구마라떼

While we were spending every last penny we have on last minute shoppings and a bunch of random stuffs like patbingsu 팥빙수 and croquettes 크로켓, I made sure I had enough for the very last cup of goguma latte!

Honestly, I couldn’t understand how the girlfriend was so head over heels over this at first and how much she was looking forward to these sweet potato latte while I was looking forward to my egg muffins. But I guess I kind off caught on the addiction and I think I really wished someone will serve up a proper cup of goguma latte in Singapore real soon!

Sunset over Chungjeongno | Seoul, South Korea
Sipping sparingly and savouring every bit of my goguma latte by the window of our apartment and watching the darkness take over the the town in Seoul which I woke up in for eight mornings. I love sipping tea by the window, any window, but that was a true emo moment!

Oh by the way, that’s the Chungjeongno Nanta Theatre on the bottom right of the photo!

Sunset over Chungjeongno | Seoul, South Korea
I guess I complained a fair bit about how Seoul was too crowded and the lifestyle and culture feels so hectic to me but still, it was a little difficult to accept the fact that my elongated journey in Korea was going to end.

Goodbye Korea, for now. @ Hangang 한강 | Seoul, South Korea
nd finally on 8 October 2014, the thirteenth morning waking up in Korea, we had an emotional kiss goodbye while weaving through the morning peak hour traffic en route to the Incheon Airport.

That also means that I have officially come to the end of my travelogue series for Korea September/ October 2014 and I am feeling the exact same wrenched feeling I felt that morning as I wrap up this post.

I have the two best girls I can ever have in my life for creating such beautiful memories together during this trip. And not forgetting all the nice people (apartment owners, random passerby, eatery owners and so on…) who helped us as we were trying to find our way around! Such a pity I didn’t get hold of any of those people’s contact information and there’s no way to keep in touch but I sincerely wish all of them good luck and health for being so kind! All these shall be etched in my heart forever! And hopefully all these people will still be where I found them when I revisit Korea in future!

Anyway, as much as I am trying to lie low for this year to save up on annual leave so that I can go on another long break like the one I did in Korea, I end up having two trips scheduled in the last quarter of 2015! I am visiting Bicol, Philippines in October and Hong Kong in November! Yes, one month apart from each other! Suggestions are welcomed!

Can’t wait and till then~

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