Puraran Beach & PAGASA Weather Station | Catanduanes, Philippines

I cannot think of anything more glorious than losing connection on my phone every now and then when I was in Catanduanes last October.

Well, I am actually quite happy that it makes it really pointless to try and poke at the phones (aside from using it as my handy camera) so there’s nothing else to do but to keep eating, swimming and enjoying the company of the people I was with!

Anyway, so here’s another day spent at another beach on the east coast of Catanduanes!

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12 October 2015
Puraran Beach & PAGASA Weather Station

I think there was a surfing event at Puraran Beach in Catanduanes the very same weekend we were there. So we were actually joined by a handful of very beautifully sun-kissed surfers on our flight from Manila to Virac!

Makes me a little excited about how healthily tanned I will look after spending a couple of days there, minus the part where I will have to nurse the sunburn. Oops I digressed. Haha! Ok, back to the main point!

Catanduanes Map - Puraran & PAGASA
Puraran Beach is located along the east coast of Catanduanes. It is unblocked and opens right out to the Pacific Ocean. And for that, Puraran Beach is well known for the strong and majestic waves and alternatively known as Puraran Surf Beach or Puraran Surf Camp to the avid surfers.

Aside from the beach and waves for surfers, Puraran Beach and the resort there is very much fully equipped and family oriented but wide and spacious. And of course, it was really calm and quiet since we visited the place after the weekends and (almost) successfully had the entire beach to ourselves aside from the local fishermen or a small handful of guests at the resort! Hehe!

12 Oct 2015: Baras | Catanduanes, Bicol, Philippines
We had to drive out about 45 minutes down a hilly highway from where we were since Puraran Beach is so much further from we were as compared to the first two beaches we visited in Catanduanes.

And it was really nice to be seated at the rear of the jeepney where I sleepily watched the homes and other buildings in the bustling town fade away as we drive on towards Puraran Beach.

12 Oct 2015: Puraran Surf Beach Resort | Catanduanes, Bicol, Philippines

12 Oct 2015: Puraran Surf Beach Resort | Catanduanes, Bicol, Philippines
Puraran Beach

When we arrived at Puraran Beach, the sun was already high up in the sky and bright but not scorching thanks to the bits of fluffy clouds here and there (A storm happened in other parts of the island but we were completely safe!). The tide was low and it revealed a rocky edge between the sea and the beach. And most importantly, the waters was calm, warm and very welcoming!

Aside from getting out to refuel the body with food and drinks and trying to hide a little from the sun sometime past 12:00 noon, we basically stayed in the waters most of the time. And I am proud that I only took the above two photos over the entire day spent there.

A little shameless but I was always either holding on to food, glorious food, or dripping wet from the swim that deterred me from trying to hold my camera or phone to snap more photos! Hehe!

12 Oct 2015: Pagasa Weather Station | Catanduanes, Bicol, Philippines

12 Oct 2015: Pagasa Weather Station | Catanduanes, Bicol, Philippines
PAGASA Weather Station

When we were done at Puraran Beach for the day, we made a stopover at PAGASA Weather Station on our way back. Maybe it was a weekday evening after all but there wasn’t another soul there aside from the guards and us. Or it might be because it is a little late and past the opening hours already since the gates were closed when we got there.

Thankfully the guards very kindly allowed us access anyway! 🙂

12 Oct 2015: Pagasa Weather Station | Catanduanes, Bicol, Philippines
View of the coastline from the weather station…

12 Oct 2015: Pagasa Weather Station | Catanduanes, Bicol, Philippines
Sunshine after rain

The weather station is a simple and quiet development that is still currently functioning. And if I did not hear and remember wrongly, this radar station on the southeast corner of Catanduanes was the station that picked up the forecasts of many powerful and damaging typhoons like Yolanda.

There seem to be a couple of exhibits here and there on the history and other information of the climate and weather of Philippines but we didn’t hang around and explore the building. We had a quick look around and took a bunch of photos on the roof deck of the station and left since we look like we were bothering the guards past the station’s visiting hours.

The shot with the sunshine peering through the thick clouds over the mountains after the rain is probably one of my favorite shots of the entire trip there! And with that, it sums up our day out at Puraran Beach and the stopover at the weather station!

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