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I, for some reason, don’t have an issue getting out of bed early every time I am on a holiday. But I figured it might be because the sun rises much earlier in other parts of the world and my love for sun shine anonymously sets an alarm at those ungodly timing on my body clock.

Well anyway, I was going to say I am already getting used to waking up naturally at around 5:00am in the morning but it was already our last morning at Catanduanes…

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14 October 2015

After chomping down breakfast the kind folks prepared for us, we grabbed our baggage, bid goodbye and headed off to Virac Airport to catch our flight back to Manila!

14 October 2015: Virac Airport | Catanduanes, Bicol, Philippines
At Virac Airport, just before getting on the plane for the flight back to Manila!
(And that hideous looking scar on my right shin… Yikes!)

Virac Airport, located in Virac (of course!), is the only public airport serving the island of Catanduanes. And in other words, if you are planning to visit Catanduanes, your one and only flight option is to fly to Virac Airport. Haha!

14 October 2015: Flight Catanduanes to Manila
On board and flying from Virac to Manila…

After the hour-long flight from Virac to Manila, we grabbed some brunch along the way back to the friend’s home and managed to survive the heavy traffic in Manila jolly well… But we crashed for the rest of the morning and afternoon until we got awoken by our own grumbling tummies. Haha!

But before we head off for dinner, we took a slight detour and stopped by a church in Antipolo City…

National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage
14 October 2015: Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage | Antipolo, Philippines
Just like every other church I had poked my nose into in the Philippines, the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, or also known as Antipolo Cathedral, has a long story of its own.

After it was first completed in 1632, the church suffered a few rounds of severe damages and restorations over the years due to revolts, earthquakes and even the Second World War. A campaign was organized to build a new church after the Second World War and the finally, the shrine and what we see today was designed and built in 1954.

14 October 2015: Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage | Antipolo, Philippines
I believed I have poked my nose into too many churches even though I am neither a Catholic nor a Christian and this is the first time I actually stepped into a church or cathedral with a circular hall!

And that was probably my nth time stumbling into a wedding function at the church! Beautiful… 🙂

14 October 2015: Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage | Antipolo, Philippines
Anyway, it is without any doubt that the streets of the town around a major place of worship will eventually become a popular meeting place and the area will gradually evolve into a food and shopping haven for the locals. But I wasn’t ready to witness the high traffic volume and even a crowd on a weekday evening! I was actually starting to wonder if there was a festival going on aside from the wedding function! So happening!

And when we were done with our little detour at Antipolo Cathedral, we set off in search of food, glorious food! Hehe…

Max’s Restaurant | SM City Masinag

14 October 2015: Dinner @ Max's Restaurant | SM City Masinag, Antipolo, Philippines
Clockwise from top left: Crispy Pata, Kang Kong & Tofu on Hot Plate,
Sinigang and Max’s Restaurant’s specialty Fried Chicken

Not like we haven’t had enough of local food back at Catanduanes with the friend and her family but it’s more Filipino cuisine at the trusty Max’s Restaurant for dinner before we did some grocery shopping to stock up on some food and essentials at the friend’s home!

And it must be a miracle because I believe these are my first photos of food for this entire trip! Hehe! Anyway, when we were done with dinner and grocery shopping, we stopped by Cloud 9 for a drink before we called it a day.

Cloud 9 (Hotel, Resort, Sports and Leisure Club)
14 October 2015: Cloud 9 | Antipolo, Philippines

14 October 2015: Cloud 9 | Antipolo, Philippines
From what I understood, Cloud 9 is a hotel and resort, an art museum and gallery and a recreation hub all at the same time! That was already pretty amazing to me already until I figured that they actually have a watch tower that can offer you a better vantage point with an even better view of Manila as compared to my previous experience at Padi’s Point which is also located along the Sumulong Highway!

There are two routes to get to the top of the watch tower. It’s either you climb eight flights of steps up four storeys or, to my greatest joy, you can take the suspension bridge that links the resort’s main lobby straight to the top deck of the watch tower! Pretty scary since it was rather windy the night when we were there but it was too dark to figure out anything down under so we did it anyway! Hehe!

And too bad I wasn’t equipped with any tripods or anything but still, good night Metro Manila! 🙂

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