Mary Grace Cafe | Metro Manila, Philippines

After our road trip that ended up more like a whirlwind around, we reduced ourselves to simpler plans like recuperate before our very last day in the Philippines arrives…

[Catanduanes & Luzon | Philippines October 2015]
16 & 17 October 2015
Mary Grace Cafe

16 October 2015
Woke up with only the friend and I left in the house while the other two went off to the airport to fetch more folks arriving at Manila from Catanduanes for their international flight just like us. So the both of us took the chance to clean up the house a little and made breakfast for ourselves before they arrived back without the folks! Typhoon Koppu was about to hit the eastern coasts of Philippines and their flights were cancelled. Oops!

16 October 2015: Homemade breakfast at Kitchen de Antipolo | Antipolo, Philippines
Breakfast for two!

So with no change to the strength of the group, we caught up with more sleep, had some home cooked lunch before we head out for a lazy afternoon at the mall, followed by visiting another family member of the friend and dinner in the evening!

And believe it or not, this is my only photo of the entire day! Lazy bum big time! Hehe…

17 October 2015
After (slightly longer than) a week’s stay in the Philippines and experiencing perfect weathers for whatever we planned to do, we woke up on our last morning out there to a drastic change in the weather ever since it was reported in the news about an upcoming typhoon.

It was raining all morning, so gloomy and sad actually but I want to believe that Philippines was upset that I am leaving already! Hahahaha…

17 October 2015: On the roads... | Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Gloomy and rainy day in Metro Manila. The sky must be weeping for us! Haha!

We set off real early even though our flight back to Singapore was in the evening just to make sure we get through the traffic and poor weather conditions safely and get to Manila in time. And thank goodness everything went smoothly and we had lots of time to spare!

So it’s Mary Grace Cafe, one of the friend’s favorite hunt, for lunch and my chance to grab their specialty ensaymada and cheese rolls!

17 October 2015: Mary Grace Cafe @ Serendra | Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

17 October 2015: Mary Grace Cafe @ Serendra | Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Not sure if they have the same cafe setup everywhere else but I am super duper in love with the one at Serendra! Dark wood fixtures and the strong aroma of freshly baked pastries and coffee! Feels like we teleported to somewhere in Europe!

17 October 2015: Mary Grace Cafe @ Serendra | Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Spicy Lemon Scampi

This was what I picked out from their elaborate menu while everyone else picked something different. They have so much to offer on their menu, both food and drinks, aside from their specialties and it was surprisingly all very well done!

I am looking forward to the next visit so that I can try something different! Hehe!
But also with that, it sums up my Catanduanes & Manila travelogue series!

17 October 2015: Good bye @ NAIA | Metro Manila, Philippines
One last wefie for 2015 at NAIA!

Till the next time we travel together again…
Till the next time, Philippines!

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