1 day trip to Macau | China

After a good night rest or pretty much concussing from sheer fatigue, we were up early for a day trip to Macau! It is obviously not my first time visiting Macau but I was all excited about it nonetheless! Because that’s where my favourite Lord Stow’s egg tarts are! Hehe…

[Hong Kong November 2015]
6 November 2015
1 day trip to Macau | China

6 Nov 2015: Wan Chai | Hong Kong, China
Good morning Wan Chai!

6 Nov 2015: Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal | Hong Kong, China 6 Nov 2015: Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal | Hong Kong, ChinaHong Kong – Macau Ferry Terminal

It was a little gloomy that Friday morning in Hong Kong but that didn’t dampen our moods and slowed us down at all. We grabbed a quick bite at Wan Chai and got our ass out to Hong Kong – Macau Ferry Terminal, got our ferry tickets with TurboJET and off we go!

And when we thought we were early enough, the ferry terminal was actually damn crowded with other tourists already. Thank goodness for the kind staffs at the ferry terminal, they ushered us close to the boarding gates when they realised we were tourists from Singapore and got us to stick close with them to assist us for smooth boarding.

6 Nov 2015: Victoria Harbour | Hong Kong, ChinaCruising through Victoria Harbour

Anyway, we didn’t realise that the TurboJET ticket booth is just around the corner and got our tickets from a tour agency at the ferry terminal instead. It was slightly more costly than if we got our tickets directly from the ticket booth. Next time, I will keep my eyes peeled for the ticketing booth or counter. Lesson learnt! 🙂

Well, it got us safely to Macau nonetheless. And we caught a free shuttle bus from the ferry terminal to City of Dreams before we hopped onto a cab to take us out to Coloane Village for our first stop in Macau!

Lord Stow’s Bakery – Lord Stow’s Garden Cafe 6 Nov 2015: Lord Stow's Garden Cafe | Macau, ChinaHello Macau and egg tarts! And please don’t start counting how many of them there are on our table! Hehehehe…

6 Nov 2015: Lord Stow's Garden Cafe | Macau, ChinaMonkey savouring her egg tart, again!

6 Nov 2015: Lord Stow's Garden Cafe | Macau, ChinaI originally intended to just bring these fellas to one of the Lord Stow’s outlet located within The Venetian but the thought of enjoying these wonderful egg tarts well overpowered my mind during the ferry ride from Hong Kong. I changed my mind and made them travel off course so that they can have a different experience at their original store and cafe out at sleepy Coloane Village!

And without any doubts, we were so satisfied with our morning coffee/tea, sandwiches and a few rounds of egg tarts at Lord Stow’s Garden Cafe! Hehe… And when we were done, we went off to walk around Coloane Village to enjoy the peaceful and serene southern corner of Macau a little before heading back to the jammed pack streets of Macau for the rest of the day.

6 Nov 2015: Coloane Village | Macau, ChinaThe filled and satisfied happy faces!

6 Nov 2015: Coloane Village | Macau, China 6 Nov 2015: Coloane Village | Macau, China 6 Nov 2015: Coloane Village | Macau, ChinaSome shots while we were exploring Coloane Village after breakfast… 🙂

By the way, I knew at the back of my mind that the ladies, the two who brought me around Macau two times out of three times I was out there, were going around with a fellow Singaporean celebrity the same day I was there in Macau.

And we were still wondering if we were going to be fated to meet each other or not until I spotted a familiar looking white mini bus that the two ladies used to take me around passing by in front of me!

6 Nov 2015: Coloane Village | Macau, ChinaWith Wang Weiliang 王伟良 or better known as Lobang King!

6 Nov 2015: Coloane Village | Macau, ChinaAnd of course, a picture with the awesome-most ladies! <3

I must have looked like a mad woman running across the streets of Coloane towards them when I saw the mini bus passing. But you really have no idea how happy I am to see them! Hehehehe… We are fated to meet after all!

6 Nov 2015: City of Dreams 新濠天地 | Macau, ChinaBack at City of Dreams after spending the morning out at Coloane Village. And us landscapers being landscapers, we were inspecting the green wall at the drop-off that’s why we had a selfie taken in front of it. Haha!

6 Nov 2015: The Venetian | Macau, China 6 Nov 2015: The Venetian | Macau, China 6 Nov 2015: The Venetian | Macau, China 6 Nov 2015: The Venetian | Macau, ChinaWalking towards The Venetian…

Don’t worry, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. You aren’t seeing double, we just figured out the fun part of one of the camera’s function and we got a little carried away playing with it while walking on the streets. Haha!

6 Nov 2015: The Venetian | Macau, ChinaMonkey and I, finally inside The Venetian!

6 Nov 2015: The Venetian | Macau, ChinaThe fellas and I at Sands Shoppes at The Venetian.

Looks like we are somewhere in Europe right? Hehe… Anyway, we spent our afternoon indoors (Read: casino, shopping and coffee!) to get sheltered away from the afternoon sun before we free-shuttle-bus hop our way to explore Senado Square and the area around it.

6 Nov 2015: Rua de Felicidade | Macau, ChinaUs at Rua da Felicidade after a failed attempted to locate an eatery I intend to bring these fellas for some pork chop buns! But it seems like the place has shuttered up for good and we didn’t get any pork chop buns 🙁

6 Nov 2015: Senado Square | Macau, ChinaMy nth time walking through Senado Square already but this time, the sky was so blue and the clouds were in some cute scattered pattern. It sure reminds me of the painted ceiling of Sands Shoppes at The Venetian! It was as if we were back there again! Haha…

By the way, nothing much has changed ever since my first trip to Macau back in 2013. So I am so not going to repeat myself again like a broken track record! In case you are interested to find out more on Senado Square, you may read all about it here…  🙂

6 Nov 2015: Tai Lei Loi Kei 太利来记 | Macau, ChinaSince we didn’t manage to get pork chop buns earlier, we turned to Tai Lei Loi Kei with their new outlet in Senado Square although I wasn’t exactly keen after my first try three years ago. But seems like it turned out yummier than expected!

Anyway, we went on to eat and shop through Senado Square until we arrived in front of the Ruins of St Paul’s…

6 Nov 2015: Ruins of St Paul's 澳門大三巴牌坊 | Macau, China 6 Nov 2015: Ruins of St Paul's 澳門大三巴牌坊 | Macau, China And of course, this is definitely not my first time visiting the Ruins of St. Paul’s (Read about it here…) but this is definitely the first time I am there during the magic hour and I got to see the majestic remains standing in a different light, literally!

There was a different ambience but it was as mesmerising as the other times I had seen it!

6 Nov 2015: Ruins of St Paul's 澳門大三巴牌坊 | Macau, China 6 Nov 2015: Ruins of St Paul's 澳門大三巴牌坊 | Macau, ChinaLast selfies before we say goodbye to Macau! 🙂

So when we were done at Senado Square, we walked our way through the streets of Macau towards one of the nearby hotels to catch a free shuttle bus to the ferry terminal so that we can catch a ferry back to Hong Kong!

It was all dark by the time we got back to our apartment at Wan Chai but the street was still buzzing. Just that this time, it was the clubs and bars coming to live when the sun goes down. Quite a contrast with how the street was like during the day!

6 Nov 2015: Lockhart Road | Wan Chai, Hong Kong, ChinaNight scene along Lockhard Road…

6 Nov 2015: Tsui Wah Restaurant | Wan Chai, Hong Kong, China6 Nov 2015: Tsui Wah Restaurant | Wan Chai, Hong Kong, China Late dinner at Tsui Wah

After eating all the random whatnots out at Macau and not having a proper meal since breakfast, we started getting hungry when we got back. And the best solution is one of Tsui Wah’s outlet located along Lockhart Road that opens till late! Whee~

It was a pretty common Hong Kong cafe fare but it was good enough to mark the end of our long day and it filled our tummies well enough to send us in dreamland! 🙂

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