Tsui Wah Restaurant and Hong Kong International Airport| Lantau Island, Hong Kong

And so, after 5 days worth of mayhem in Hong Kong, we woke up to our final morning in Hong Kong…

[Hong Kong November 2015]
10 November 2015
Tsui Wah Restaurant and Hong Kong International Airport
| Lantau Island, Hong Kong

110-november-2015-apartment--wan-chai-hong-kong_27243548222_o210-november-2015-apartment--wan-chai-hong-kong_27270620481_oPacking and bidding goodbye to our apartment in Wan Chai.

In case you missed out on what I said about the apartment we lodged in while we were there, you can check the very first post of this travelogue on Wan Chai. Or in short, it was small but really comfortable. And I am really glad that I insisted on getting an apartment for all of us instead of individual hotel rooms.

Anyway, we had some time between check out and our flight so the boys went off to grab some cookies from Jenny Bakery to bring home while Monkey and I chose to take a chill pill and have a drink at Hong Kong Station while waiting for them before we head off for the airport together.

310-november-2015-tsui-wah--hong-kong-international-airport--lantau-island-hong-kong_27340920475_oAt Tsui Wah Restaurant after checking in for our flight and enjoying some freshly baked egg tarts the boys brought for all of us during their quest for the cookies from Jenny Bakery while waiting for our orders to be served. Hehe!

410-november-2015-tsui-wah--hong-kong-international-airport--lantau-island-hong-kong_27270620341_oTender Pork Ribs w/ Vermicelli in Fish Soup 秘制猪软骨米线

I realised I really have to admit that I am a sucker for pork ribs because I figured I cannot un-see it if I spot anything with pork ribs on the menu without ordering it eventually. Hahahaha… Thank goodness my last brunch in Hong Kong didn’t turn out to be a moment of folly. Hehe!

510-november-2015-tsui-wah--hong-kong-international-airport--lantau-island-hong-kong_27243547992_oRoasted Meat Platter

And for the last time, or more like to spend off the last bit of our food fund, we made an order for a Roasted Meat Platter so that we can also have our last taste of char siew, roasted goose and siew yoke. Shiok!

610-november-2015-hong-kong-international-airport--lantau-island-hong-kong_27270619971_o710-november-2015-hong-kong-international-airport--lantau-island-hong-kong_27243549422_oI think everyone’s shopping power took a backseat once we arrived at the airport. Instead of enjoying ourselves with the duty-free shopping options available, they decided to… play with my hair for pre-boarding entertainment. Don’t worry, I undid it almost immediately and didn’t walk around with that hairdo these fellas did for me. Haha!

810-november-2015-boarding--hong-kong-international-airport--lantau-island-hong-kong_27243547212_oOn board and waiting to take off any time. Our short trip is over! 😫

910-november-2015-flight-meal-on-cathay-pacific_27243547222_oDinner on board Cathay Pacific!

1010-november-2015-on-flight---hk-to-sin_27270619811_o1110-november-2015-on-flight---hk-to-sin_27243546962_oCruising through the clouds and somewhere over Vietnam en-route home…

And with that… That’s the end of my last holiday in 2015! And as usual, I was highly whiny that this trip was going to be my last holiday in 2015 but it always feels good to be home!

The short trip to Hong Kong didn’t help to improve my Cantonese a single bit, but no one can say no to spend five whole days together with these buddies since school days plus the time spent together every morning or at night when we eat supper or simply sit around enjoying each other’s company. Doubt we ever had that much time together when we were back here in Singapore! Really so precious!

Still a good trip even though we all weren’t exactly very keen and excited about the destination of our short trip together when it was decided. Hehe 😀

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