Red Spice QV, Om Nom & Fancy Hank’s | Melbourne, Australia

There was nothing better than giving myself a break after leaving my job for eight years. Yes, eight freaking years. And there was no other better choice than to drop the favourite J & C combination and baby a long visit in Melbourne to explore and of course, to pig out together again! Hehe…

Thank goodness I spotted a sale promotion with Singapore Airlines and the buddies took me in for my entire stay and were the ultimate guides I can ever asked for! With absolutely nothing to worry about, my long awaited liberation turns out pure wicked… As expected. Hehe!

[Melbourne | Australia June & July 2016]
25 June 2016
Red Spice QV, Om Nom & Fancy Hank’s

25 June 2016: Arriving and bringing sunshine to Melbourne!Heard that the weather was pretty bad out in Melbourne before my flight but guess what! Look who is bringing some sunshine all the way from Singapore and this wonderful view from my window seat arriving at Melbourne… Definitely a good sign for good weather ahead! Yes!

25 June 2016: Manchester Unity Building | Melbourne, VictoriaManchester Unity Building

By the time I settled down after arriving at Melbourne, we were only left with about half the day. And rather than pushing ourselves before our road trip, the buddies showed me around Melbourne CBD briefly on foot and of course, with our taste palettes! Hehe!

25 June 2016: Pork belly, apple slaw, chilli caramel, black vinegar @ Red Spice QV | Melbourne, VictoriaPork belly, apply slaw, chilli caramel, black vinegar | Red Spice QV, Melbourne CBD

25 June 2016: Raspberry Field @ Om Nom | Melbourne, VictoriaRaspberry Field | Om Nom, Melbourne CBD

25 June 2016: Hank's Fancy Feast @ Fancy Hank's | Melbourne, Victoria
Hank’s Fancy Feast | Fancy Hank’s, Melbourne CBD

First up, we had lunch at Red Spice QV so that I get to try that pork belly dish that JC’s been harping about! It was ok but supposed to be better according to them! Then we headed for desserts right after at Om Nom located within Adelphi Hotel. Desserts were really fancy although they aren’t quite my kind of thing still.

And the highlight of the day was actually our dinner at Fancy Hank’s! I must be a carnivore my previous life or I really miss feasting and having a drink with this pair.

We must be nuts to even want to sit outside at their patio in the cold winter night but the best part is when the weather helps to keep your beer ice cold! It will never ever get warmed up and turn disgusting on you! Woohoo! But honestly, how to say no when everything, the beef brisket, pulled pork shoulder, chicken and even the sausages, were so yummy and absolutely fork-tender even though it turned cold because the three of us plus baby were struggling to finish everything on the platter aside from the fact that we were sitting outside. We had mac and cheese, hush puppies, beer-battered fries and succotash on the sides by the way.

Definitely the best introduction to Melbourne I can ever have. Haha!

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  1. Jacob Leong says:

    Fancy Hanks was really a pleasant surprise! Didn’t expect them to be so good.

    1. Ting says:

      I know right! Might be because of the company also… arhem! Hehe!

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