Cafe Carpenter & GUKBAB | Malvern East & Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Not sure if you remember me complaining in the previous posts that we were merely just making do with our meals out at Marysville. And I think it was bad enough that we did nothing but to eat well (and shop a little) for the whole of my fourth day out in Australia… Just to compensate our stomachs! Haha!

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28 June 2016
Cafe carpenter & GUKBAB

28 June 2016: Drive back to civilization | Marysville, Victoria

28 June 2016: Drive back to civilization | Fernshaw, Victoria
From Marysville and cruising down the mountainous roads back to civilisation…

28 June 2016: Drive back to civilization | Coldstream, Victoria28 June 2016: Drive back to civilization | Coldstream, VictoriaSomewhere in between the mountains and the city…

So, our short road trip ended and it was time to head back to the city. I am not sure if it was because we went through the same mountainous route the night before in search of dinner or the sunshine definitely played a big part. Or the thought of food glorious food was just so irresistible… but the mood in the car that morning was so much better!

Without any second thoughts, we drove straight to our first stop for brunch! Hehe!

Cafe Carpenter
28 June 2016: Cafe Carpenter | Malvern East, Victoria28 June 2016: Cafe Carpenter | Malvern East, Victoria28 June 2016: Cafe Carpenter | Malvern East, VictoriaCafe Carpenter happens to be one of JC’s favorite cafe in Melbourne and I have heard them go on and on about the takoyaki served there. Even if it was scheduled for another day, I had to jump at the chance to bring it forward and try it for myself! 😏

The place is a small eatery, run by a Japanese couple, both cooking and serving customers on their own. The menu was simple but options available were well-diversified. And of course, we had other stuff but no photos of those things because what really mattered to me at that time was the takoyaki and the chance to satisfy the year-long crave for okonomiyaki!

By the way, we had two rounds of takoyaki! No doubts that they were too good!

28 June 2016: Gukbab | Melbourne, Victoria28 June 2016: Gukbab | Melbourne, VictoriaWhen it was time for dinner, it became a wee bit difficult for me to hide the Asian side of me. I started asking for piping hot and spicy stuff in that chilly winter weather.

So it’s Korean Bulgogi Mushroom Pot, Spicy Chicken on sizzling plate and Seafood pancake in the end! Haha 😅

And as much as it might look like it was a very boring day… We actually headed to Chadstone between brunch and dinner where a lot of shopping and food happened. I remember there was some frozen yogurt involved and my first discovery of herbs heaven at Gewürzhaus.

All that for trying to chillax for another planned long day out the next day! Wheee~

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