SOHO, St James’s & Westminster | London, England

Just as I thought that Melbourne was going to be the only trip for me in 2016, a chance for me to get on a flight out of Singapore again came shortly after! This time, a longer haul out to see London. And for my first time!

Crazy was that it was only for five days. The itinerary was jammed pack to make the best of the short stopover. What’s even better is that the jet lag has barely kicked in and I am already on my way back. Haha…

[London | England december 2016]
8 december 2016
soho, st james’s & westminster

Thanks to the 13-hour direct flight with Singapore Airlines, I caught my longest sleep ever in the recent years! And what’s better than to burn out all that energy over a long afternoon walk around town right? 😄

Piccadilly Circus & SOHO
8 Dec 2016: Piccadilly Circus | London, England
I had a few places I had in mind that I will like to see but turning the corner on Piccadilly and hitting Piccadilly Circus and SOHO to find myself some food first was more important at that point.

8 Dec 2016: Bubbleleogy | London, England
I seriously have no idea how I didn’t think that I am in the middle of town and everywhere is bound to be crowded. Anyways, I grabbed a quick bite and unearthed a hidden gem in the heart of SOHO!

I really thought Asians are the only ones catching on to the bubble tea craze and never expect that I’d find bubble tea in this part of the world.  But guess what? Seems like the British loves it and tuned up their game with alcoholic bubble tea, like this Passion in Paradise from Bubbleology!

Who fancies a mid-day cocktail disguised as a typical bubble tea as much as I do! 😁

St James’s Park
8 Dec 2016: St James's Park | London, England

8 Dec 2016: St James's Park | London, England

8 Dec 2016: St James's Park | London, England
All fuelled up and ready to continue with the afternoon walk! I found my bearings again from SOHO to St James’s Park and restarted the walk with a scenic view of the lake and the London Eye in the background and lots of geese, ducks, squirrel, lazy locals and other happy tourists joining me on this afternoon stroll in the park. 😄

Buckingham Palace
8 Dec 2016: Buckingham Palace | London, England

8 Dec 2016: Buckingham Palace | London, England
Turning the corner from the park and found myself in front of the Buckingham Palace! Hellooooo Queen Elizabeth!

Too bad the official itinerary and plans didn’t allow me to witness the change of guards this trip and all I can do is to walk around outside the palace a little before I got annoyed with the crowd and decided to move on. Haha…

Westminster Abbey
8 Dec 2016: Westminster Abbey | London, England

8 Dec 2016: Westminster Abbey | London, England
Prior to the trip, I made a mental note that I really want to take a good look inside the Westminster Abbey but I gave up the idea when I got to the entrance for the fact that it was very close to their closing timing and the crowd queuing up to get inside was still kinda insane. Crowd again… 🙄

Well, I guess I have to plan well to see these notable building the first thing in the morning the next time I visit this city again! Haha!

Big Ben
8 Dec 2016: Big Ben | London, England

8 Dec 2016: Big Ben | London, England

8 Dec 2016: Big Ben | London, England

8 Dec 2016: Big Ben | London, England
Big Ben was originally known as the Great Bell. It was completed in 1859, started on 31 May 1859, strikes for the first time on 11 July 1859 and the quarter bells first chimed on 7 September 1859. Why can’t they start everything at once… I don’t know!

And the iconic symbol of London has been striking and chiming along every quarter of the hour ever since, no breaks even during the World War II period. Ironically, it is actually due to fall silent for repair and restoration in 2017.

Not sure if the work has already commenced but I hung around Big Ben for about an hour, just to hear it chime four times even if it was evidently as crowded as anywhere else I had been that day!

8 Dec 2016: Big Ben | London, England
“Checked-in” at Big Ben with a selfie! Haha!

Churchill War Rooms – Imperial War Museums
8 Dec 2016: Churchill War Rooms - Imperial War Museums | London, England
Spotted the War Museum while I was taking a different route back to the hotel so that I will have enough time to rest and prepare for dinner. And there I was silently wished that I had more time to roam into the museum! Haha… Maybe next time!

8 Dec 2016: SOHO, St James's & Westminster | London, England
And in case you are wondering how far I covered on foot (I wanted to find out too!), I quickly plotted the afternoon walk on a map! It was a really nice afternoon walk intended to burn out the energy accumulated from the sleep and rest over the 13 hours flight but it sure looks like I had an one day itinerary planned out ready for the next visit to London! Hehe 😄

Dinner @ George Club
8 Dec 2016: Tuna Tartare @ George Club | London, England

Drinks @ Sketch – The Gallery
8 Dec 2016: Sketch - The Gallery | London, England
The dinner experience at George Club was really marvellous but pardon me for only being bothered to snap a photo of the Tuna Tartare. Food was good but I was part lazy, part annoyed with the low lighting. Haha!

And to wrap up the day, we adjourned to Sketch after dinner for a drink that I cannot remember its name for nuts and that phone number on the napkin that doesn’t work at all! 😕 Hahahaha…

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