From St James’s through to City of London | London, England

The next two days flew by in a blink of the eye. Or more like me struggling between keeping up with the itinerary and dealing with the jet-lag that was gradually kicking in. But anyways, here’s what happened in the next two days in a nutshell!

[London | England december 2016]
9 & 10 december 2016
From St James’s through to city of london

9 Dec 2016: St James's Street | London, England
Finally got to see St. James’s Place and the buildings in this hood in real life after trying to visualise it every time my token pass the spot in a game of Monopoly… Haha!

9 Dec 2016: Cornhill | London, England
This beautiful lobby in one of the buildings along Cornhill…

9 Dec 2016: Kingsway | London, England
And skipping all over someone’s rooftop along Kingsway! 🙊

9 Dec 2016: Novikov Restaurant & Bar | London, England
A huge platter full of assorted desserts during lunch at Novikov Restaurant & Bar! The favourite-most lunch during this trip!

10 Dec 2016: Leicester Square | London, England
It rained and it was cold but this morning walk through Leicester Square while everything there is still calm and quiet!

10 Dec 2016: Le Pain Quotidien | London, England
This morning coffee at Le Pain Quotidien served in a coffee mug doesn’t have any handles. You have to cup the sides to pick it up and you get to warm your hands while you drink your coffee! Pretty awesome!

10 Dec 2016: Covent Garden Market | London, England
Covent Garden Market where there are Christmas markets, flea markets, farmers’ market and etc etc etc… So many things to see and burn a hole in pockets for!

10 Dec 2016: Chinatown | London, England

10 Dec 2016: Chinatown | London, England
This noodles and soup, porridge and roast duck lunch in Chinatown. For the fact that we are true blue Asians after all… Haha!

10 Dec 2016: Winter Wonderland | London, England
And this Winter Wonderland that had us meandering through the crowd to get to the entrance but gave up on the idea when we saw the queue to get inside! LOL!

And with that, two days flew by just like that!

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