Chulia Street Night Hawker Stalls and Areca Hotel Penang | Penang, Malaysia

This may be the fastest I have ever posted a new travelogue series in recent years especially when there is one outstanding and waiting for me to complete since three years ago?

Well whatever it is, here’s my most recent trip to Penang with the Monkey after much persuasion for a couple of years that I am not going back to Hong Kong with her again this soon. 😜

[Penang | Malaysia March 2019]
21 March 2019

21 March 2019: Changi Airport
After close-to-zero planning at all, it was finally the evening we are on board our flight with Silk Air and getting ready to depart from Changi Airport! And trust me, it was a flight filled with business people and, we gained ourselves some stares while we self-entertain when waiting for take-off.

But who cares! We are just trying to be cheery since it was gloomy and rainy and not forgetting I was flying off with a sick Monkey next to me 😜

Chulia Street Night Hawker Stalls 21 March 2019: Chulia Street Night Hawker Stalls 21 March 2019: Chulia Street Night Hawker Stalls
We had plans to go to Hon Kei Food Corner for some comforting pork soup for late dinner but, it was closed already or not open for the day when we arrived. And we acted quickly to walk over to Chulia Street and ended up with wantan mee, koay teow th’ng and fruit juices to make sure we have our stomachs filled so that we can go to bed with happy bellies!

Ng Fook Thong Temple Cantonese District Association21 March 2019: Ng Fook Thong Temple Cantonese District Association
Walked past this association twice while searching for food and heading back to our hotel to rest up for the night so, we decided to pop in to take a closer look even though the main building has closed for the day.

According to the internet, the clan temple, that features fine craftsmanship like the porcelain features, was built in 1898 and recorded as the first Cantonese school in Malaysia.

Areca Hotel Penang  IMG_8105_a DSCF1722_a DSCF1721_a IMG_7844_a IMG_7847_a IMG_7845_a 21 March 2019: Areca Hotel

Areca Hotel Penang was not just convenient because it sits at the edge of the protected area of Georgetown, Penang, and also, not only comfortable because the hotel is clean and our room is spacious. I don’t have photos for some reason but I’ve got a video walk through (link here) on the first night of our check in!

There were also so much love, food (the complimentary afternoon snacks at the courtyard to allow us to hide away from the raging afternoon sun) and warmth like we were ending our day with our family every evening even though we are miles from home!

Big kudos to the helpful front desk people with our weird requests like having bowls and utensils in our room and the friendly housekeeping fellas who will not miss a chance to check on and remind the sick Monkey to take her medicine and lots of water then to avoid iced drinks!

And let’s not talk about how we might have an obsession with shophouses in general but, the decision to lodge at Areca Hotel Penang during our trip to Penang in March 2019 was probably the bestest we have made for this entire trip!

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