The Attendant, Regent Street, M&M’s World and King’s Cross Station| London, England

And so, the final day of my short stopover in London has arrived. I woke up bright and early to see the city again before my evening flight home…

[London | England December 2016]
12 December 2016

The Attendant
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2016-12-12 08.43.43_

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If you ever wondered how it is to eat in a loo, then you probably should do as I did – Wake up bright and early for breakfast at The Attendant that is.

While it was nice just watching the other people pop in to grab their morning coffee while I ate my breakfast and the experience I wanted to have, quite unfortunately, there wasn’t anything else significant about what I had that morning.

Regent Street
2016-12-12 11.01.16_

After breakfast, I took a walk down Regent Street again for some last minute shopping and since I only saw it briefly even though this would be the third time I was there in my short four days trip to London.

I always love slow walks because it was this morning walk that it struck me how the red London buses stood out against the old colonial buildings on Regent Street. Is this why everyone loves them so much?

M&M’s World
2016-12-12 13.23.52_

2016-12-12 13.27.15_

And for my last stop, I popped into M&M’s World at Leicester Square before I went on my way to the airport to catch my flight home and wished I never had to leave the store with such enticing aroma of the chocolates!

But well, Christmas was around the corner and the store was the perfect place to pick out a handful of small gifts for everyone 😊

King’s Cross Station
2016-12-12 16.40.56_

2016-12-12 17.05.31_

I guess it is how travelling alone is and I had time aplenty still before my flight and made a detour to see King’s Cross Station, that famed train station thanks to J.K. Rowling and her amazing series, Harry Potter!

I bet it is still popular even though the first book was released in 1997 (it was the tenth year during my visit) when I see the snaking line waiting to get a photo at Platform 9¾ and everyone trying to grab a souvenir from the shop.

And alright, I have to admit that I also ended my quick London visit with buying the whole set of the Harry Potter series again. 😬

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